Building Organizations that Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound


In a world where the shelf-life of knowledge is approaching that of a banana, the path to organizational success has changed. In the Old West, they used to say that there were just two kinds of people – the quick and the dead. In the era of the knowledge economy the phrase might well be that there are just two types of organizations, the quick and the dying. The quick are embracing new ways of managing and leading while the dying are hanging on for dear life to the ways that brought them success in the past.


This book is a leader’s guide for the building of a high-performance culture. In it you will discover


  • How to get your people working together for the good of the whole
  • How to build a work environment that maximizes your people’s desire to contribute
  • How to enrich your people and your bottom line through the joy of work


How people work together, how they interact, goes to the heart of what organizational culture is all about. Culture, a culture that facilitates the ongoing creation of new knowledge, a culture that gets people building and creating together, has become today’s competitive advantage.

What people are saying

Bruce Spurr CEO, Think Primal

Leadership is not easy. It deals with the most complex, unpredictable, diverse, and difficult subject – people.

This is an easy to read book that eliminates all the fluff to provide you golden nuggets of truly great leadership. It walks you through how to build a culture within your team and organization that is uber-loyal, laser-focused, and hyper-productive. You do this by simultaneously nurturing your people – their satisfaction, sense of fulfillment, and dare I say happiness.

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I’ve highlighted and dog-eared my copy while covering the margins with notes. It is one of those types of books I hand to my own clients as a manual for the evolution of their organization. Highly recommend the read. It’s now in my library as one of my “bibles” of business.

Lalith Gunaratne CEO, Sage Ontario

Ron Wiens is a great story teller and brings to life his years of organizational leadership experience and wisdom in his book. He ingeniously simplifies the complex area of organizational leadership in the fast transforming world of the knowledge economy through case studies and metaphors – in fact, making it an easy read that will provoke thought and action.

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He articulates three intelligences – Emotional, Relationship and Corporate – that are essential in the new paradigm representing the “soft stuff” scoffed at by traditional managers. He postulates that this “soft stuff” has now become the “hard stuff” to complement the rational, logical thinking, executing for results and efficiency. It is about engaging people – body, mind and soul – which provide inspiration and meaning to the team member to meet organizational goals and objectives. This is how a manager transforms into a good leader.


In a world yet dominated by the machine metaphor and traditional hierarchical organizations, this is a brave message from Ron, yet it makes complete sense.


The old world of management, requiring rational intelligence, is passé. If leaders cannot manage their own emotions and relationships with others and understand the culture and the political structures, the inertia from a lack of loyalty and commitment will hold the organization back.


This also makes the task of leadership much more challenging. Not only do managers have to get results through productivity, efficiency, quality and profits, which is about managing skills, experience, process and systems, they have to get to know each team member intimately – their attitude, motivation and commitment to inspire them to take responsibility for action. A good manager has to be mindful and aware of so many different variables that may not be under central control. This requires a manager to hone a different set of people skills, as with human emotions there is no black and white.


Ron’s book is about dealing with these shades of grey, but written in such a simple way with specific case studies to take away the mystery of being a good leader. It is about basic human values of respect, appreciation and fairness and acknowledging that in an organizational setting too people have feelings and needs that impact ultimately on the bottom line.


This book is essential reading in business schools and for every manager.

Tania Carriere CEO, Advivum

Ron’s ideas broadened my focus from developing strong leaders to developing a strong culture of leadership. This greatly expanded my understanding of how I can support the clients of my executive leadership coaching practice. This book is very informative and straightforward and I found I could easily apply the principles that he puts forward. It is full of examples that helped me understand the nuances of building relationships and teams that collectively redefine the meaning of success. A great read for any organization going through transformation, and a superb read for any leader.

Mary Gardner Coaching Cafe, South Africa

Why I love Ron’s book is he never loses sight of any of the essential elements of successfully leading business transformations. Keeping focus on delivering superb results, he highlights strengthening people, building productive relationships that facilitate creativity, engagement and empowerment and illustrates how all of these provide competitive advantage.

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How does he do it ? Building Organizations is not academic, it is accessible and practical. Every page has answers to the essential questions, e.g., With the abundance and accessibility of knowledge how does it give us competitive advantage? What makes an environment an environment where people create and learn together? Why are emotions so essential in business? What is the role of compassion in business? How do we use our emotions to strengthen us? Not only are these questions answered, practical tips from real experiences make them easy to apply.


Building Organizations is distinctive in that it targets the behavioural tensions that are the essence of effective leadership today. It embraces the importance of emotions, compassion, trust, deep connection and joy that are often overlooked in picking the path to profitability.


If WHY you are in business, HOW you do business and strategic execution are important to you, read Building Organizations and read it again. Although it is simple it is not easy; although it is accessible it is deep.


Thanks Ron for the gift of your insights, your compassion and your experience that you have shared with the world.

Bruno Gebarski Founder, Vision 2021

Building Organizations that Leap Tall Buildings in a Single Bound is more than valuable; it is a treasure chest of advice for CEOs and beyond.

I am not reading Ron Wiens’ book but dissecting it, weighing every thought and appreciating each and every one of them profoundly! Wiens’ background (and experience) speaks for itself and resonates through the fascinating chapters! For me, it reads like a business thriller! By the time I have finished studying this business “Chef d’Œuvre” I’ll have to buy myself a new copy because so much has been marked and highlighted already.

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Thank you Ron for reaching out to us with this extraordinary work! Culture is the foundation of any business and, as you write, the industrial revolution’s footprints are very much to be felt in the 21st century, where ubiquitous digital information has become the norm.


Unfortunately, most companies/businesses are concentrating too much on quarterly results, rather than making a sustainable contribution to the environment (the one that feeds us), the workforce and customers. Profit is the driving force of business, and human greed will drive us to the bottomless pit if we do not change our business philosophy soon.


I look forward to blogging about this outstanding book once I have finished studying it. I will recommend that it should become mandatory reading! Your book is a breath of business fresh air that every manager and CxO ought to study.

The Power of the Platform


Corporations and associations from around the globe converge on Las Vegas for their meetings, conferences and conventions. Audiences listen intently and embrace the wisdom, experience and specialized knowledge offered by the finest keynote speakers. Now, some of the most successful speakers in the industry have come together in one book to help you to share their experience and learning around achieving phenomenal outcomes.

Within The Power of the Platform you will discover that success begins with believing; belief is a powerful force in attaining phenomenal outcomes for individuals and organizations alike.

In their chapter “Phenomenal Outcomes,” Doug Smith and Ron Wiens show how:

  • Phenomenal outcomes become possible when individuals and organizations truly believe that they are possible.
  • To lead organizations to phenomenal outcomes, leaders need to foster belief in self, belief in their colleagues and belief in the organization’s purpose.